Web Application Security Audit and Penetration Testing Checklist

99.7% web applications have at least one vulnerability. Go through this web application security checklist and attain peak-level security for your web app.

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Malware scanner

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Security Audit

OWASP Top 10
Business Logic & Payment Analysis
VAPT Security Certificate
Bugfix Assistance & Re-scan
Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
Consultation Call

Bug Bounty

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Leverage the Security Community
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Here’s how Web App security audit works

Sign-up in 2 mins

Sign up for a Security Audit from the website or purchase an Audit from the Unitedsoft Dashboard.

Map out Scope

Map out the Audit scope and add tailored tests according to application’s technology stack.

We start the assessment

We start performing vulnerability assessment and share access to your audit dashboard.

Fix issues with developers

We’ll report vulnerabilities in your dashboard. Collaborate with your developer in fixing them.

We'll do a re-test

After the vulnerabilities are fixed, we’ll do a re-test to ensure everything is 100% secure.

Get your certificate of security

Get a security certification from Unitedsoft to build trust with your customers and partners!

“Unitedsoft carried out a security audit on our digital application which is a solution that allows companies to manage their whistleblower system. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is processed in the application, we wanted to identify all possible security loopholes.
I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers. “

Olivier Trupiano
CEO, Signalement.net