Strengthen your security with Unitedsoft’s comprehensive pentest platform.

Get every feature you need to identify security loopholes and fix them, in record time.

Stay one step ahead of hackers with our intelligent vulnerability scanner

Unitedsoft’s vulnerability scanner has been built on years of security intelligence and data. Scan your assets with 2500+ tests and ensure you are covering every loophole.

Track your team’s progress with our smart reporting and CXO friendly dashboard

Get full visibility into your pentest, understand key metrics about each vulnerability and prioritize issues to maximize your ROI.

Find vulnerabilities that other pentests often miss with our manual pentesting

Beat hackers at their own game with Unitedsoft’s comprehensive pentesting, powered by years of security experience.

Win customer’s trust with a unique, publicly verifiable security certificate.

A secure application calls for some bragging. Let our engineers verify your fixes, and get a safe-to-host certificate that’s unique to your product.

Share the certificate link with your partners and customers, and build relationships based in trust.

Connect Unitedsoft with your existing tech stack and collaborate seamlessly

Unitedsoft helps your team work together by enabling developers to integrate security in CI/CD. We also make it easy for CXOs to track progress via Slack and from product managers to collaborate and flag vulnerabilities through Jira.


Connect your Jira account and add vulnerabilities to a project in a few clicks. Let Unitedsoft automatically pull the important details and make your workflow more efficient.

Get Slack Updates

Get updates about your pentest and collaborate smoothly within Slack. Let new comments, or new vulnerabilities directly show up in your selected Slack channel.

CI/CD Integration

Move from DevOps to DevSecOps by integrating Unitedsoft’s Pentest within your CI/CD. Run scans before every build and ensure you’re always shipping secure code.